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This workshop will discuss the extragalactic science topics for CTA. It will take place from 18 to 21 March 2013 at Hotel Jeris in Jerisjärvi, Finland.
The idea is to discuss each of the topics individually, devoting 1,5-2 days for AGN, 1-1,5 days for GRBs and 0,5-1 days for EBL and additionally devote time for synergies between the three fields. We will have a few invited talks and welcome presentations from the participants on the recent results in the three fields as well as on future prospects with the CTA.

Catherine Boisson
Jonathan Granot
Susumu Inoue
Elina Lindfors
Daniel Mazin
Paul O'Brien
Martin Raue
Anita Reimer
Helene Sol
Robert Wagner
Andreas Zech
Elina Lindfors
Sybille Rodriguez
Aimo Sillanpaa
Robert Wagner

The workshop can accommodate a maximum of 40 participants.

Program (Preliminary)
  am pm
Sunday, 17 March   Arrival
Monday, 18 March Session 1 + 2 Session 3
Tuesday, 19 March Session 1 + 2 Session 3 + 4
Wednesday, 20 March Session 1 + 2 Session 3
Thursday, 21 March Session 1 + 2 Session 3
Friday, 22 March Departure Departure