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Both the number and types of extragalactic very-high energy gamma-ray emitters has pleasingly increased substantially during the last few years. This international scientific workshop, “Beamed and Unbeamed Gamma-rays from Galaxies”, which took place from 11-15 April 2011 in Lapland Hotel Olos, Muonio, Finland, was aimed at reviewing and discussing the current knowledge and understanding of gamma-ray emission both from active and other types of galaxies (e.g., starburst galaxies) particularly in the light of results delivered recently from high-energy and very-high energy gamma-ray instruments as well as multiwavelength studies.

The workshop consisted of invited review talks and contributed talks. “Round table” discussions enabled the exchange of facts and ideas. It hopefully also facilitated communication between theorists, phenomenologists and observers and started new collaborations.

Scientific scope and topics:

  • Blazars and jetted AGNs
  • Blazar and AGN Physics, Observations, Phenomenology
  • Black hole and central engine
  • Jets and environment of the central engine
  • Non-blazar AGNs
  • Non-AGN galaxies: star-forming and starburst galaxies, cosmic-ray generation
  • Observational tools: Variability, Correlations, Power Spectra Analysis, Periodicity
  • Multiwavelength aspects and approaches: Radio, optical, X-rays along with GeV/TeV Gamma-rays
  • Future observational opportunities
  • EBL status and progress
The workshop was an extended follow-up of the successful 2008 Workshop on AGN and Related Fundamental Physics in High Energy Gamma Astronomy. It was a
4.5 day meeting in a very open and collaborative atmosphere. Presentations were be followed by ample time for questions and discussions. Peer-reviewed proceedings have been published in IoP's Journal of Physics: Conference Series.

The venue in Lapland is an extraordinary location, and guaranteed a very intense workshop, but also offered a beautiful winterly scenery and possibilities for outdoor activities (like, e.g., downhill skiing, a husky sledding or a snowmobile tour). It is well connected from Kittilä airport and can be reached within 2 hours flight from Helsinki airport.

Conference Fee

The conference fee for this workshop was 150 €. It covered conference overhead; refreshments at the coffee breaks; welcome reception; conference dinner; and refereed proceedings.

Please note that no credit cards, debit cards, etc., can be accepted and that the closest ATM/cash dispenser is located about 10 km from the hotel. Lodging and hotel bill could of course be paid with major credit cards.

Robert Wagner (SOC chair)

Organized by:

Max-Planck-Institut für Physik       Tuorla Observatory

Supported by:

Excellence Cluster "Origin and Structure of the Universe"

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