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The workshop took place at Lapland Hotel Olos, Muonio, Finland.

Lapland Hotel Olos, located about 100 km North of the Polar Circle at the feet of the Olos fell is in peaceful, yet eminently suitable location for either an active holiday and for a high quality conference. Olos provides a range of accommodation right up to luxury standard and there simply is no other location in Lapland that matches its suitability for conferences. Within the grounds of the hotel you’ll find not only services for outdoor activies, but also the hotel's own ski center. Olos has traditionally been a favourite among skiers in Northern Finland.


Activities and excursions offered on Wednesday afternoon:

  • Cross-country skiing (guided tour)
  • Downhill skiing
  • Smoke sauna and spa in Jeris
  • Visit at a husky farm, possibility to do a 1-hour husky sledding tour
  • Tour with snow mobiles

For those interested, we also offered an "aurora alert": In case Northern Lights were active, we gave you a wake-up call during nighttime. Unfortunately, no alert could be given, although in one night we had very promising spaceweather conditions, but, unluckily, the sky was completely overcast in that night.

Activities offered by the hotel during the workshop:

During the conference, the participants were shown two movies by Finnish artist Marjatta Koivulehto, "loose floating" and a short documentary on reindeer herding in Lapland.

On Friday after the end of the workshop, some participants went to Jeris to enjoy the spa and the smoke sauna there, while others hiked to the Swedish border close to Muonio.

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